Menu sections are a collection of dishes. Each menu section can have as many dishes as you would like. Learn everything you need about menu sections and how to reorder them in Menus.

Adding a Menu Section

To add a menu section, ensure you are in the correct menu. Navigate to the top of the page, under the Menu name and click + New Section. Enter the name of the menu section and click Save.

Menu Section Dishes

Adding Dish to a Menu Section

Each menu section has an Add Dish button to add new or existing dishes to the specified menu section. You can either create a dish or add an existing dish from your inventory.

Click here to learn more about dishes.

Removing a Dish from a Menu Section

To remove a dish from a menu section, click on the X icon located in the top right of the dish display box in the menu section.

Rearrange Menu Section Order

The order of menu sections in a menu is how it will be displayed to your customers. To rearrange the menu sections: